Student Payment System


Manage your Student’s Tuition Installment Plan Payments faster and collect more tuition revenue. Simplify student setup, the setup of recurring payments and start monitoring payments and cash flow.

Set-up Payment Plans Quickly

Setting up a student in SPS is quick and easy. After you’ve added the student’s name and demographic information, enter the amount of the loan and the payment is calculated for you. Enter the credit card that will be used to make recurring payments and SPS will automatically start processing payments.

Manage Failed Payments Quickly

From the dashboard, it’s easy to see successful payments and failed payments. React to failed payments quickly. It’s easier to collect a failed payment when you react early and quickly.

Student Portal

Each student gets a portal that gives them an online, mobile friendly place to sign in and manage their financial transactions with your institution. Each student is assigned a dashboard of metrics to give them visual encouragement and reinforcement for successfully managing their account.

Management Information Reporting (MIR)

Manage multiple admin simultaneously from the Management Dashboard that displays successful, late and failed payments. Forecast cash flow from your Student Installment Tuition Payments from historical graphical data. Get real time information regarding cash flow and future revenue. Essential compliance reporting is at your fingertips when you need it.

People who know us

Eric F.

IT Director of Stone Academy

The DiamondSIS team has been great to work with! We were in process of implementing one of the modules in the current version and then we got a preview of the new D3.0 updated system. What we have seen looks great and we are looking forward to transitioning to it.

Frank P.

President and CEO of ACI Medical & Dental School

ACI Medical & Dental School has been working with Diamond for the past 16 years as our Student Management System. Diamond has contributed to our success with providing an effective, efficient system that allows us to manage our students successfully. Our relationship has always been positive and their customer service is attentive, friendly and timely. We are looking forward to upgrading to the newest version and can’t wait for the implementation. We look forward to many more years.

Daniel C.

Student Services Representative

DiamondSIS is a great help for our school. I like the easy accessibility of information that is all centrally located for our students on each profile. All student information for contact and evaluation is available.

Agnes D.

Chief Operating Officer

Diamond-D SIS is a software to manage students account, I like relatively ease usage for each users i.e. admins, faculty and students. Consumer care is very good.

Jessica L.

Directora de Operaciones of New Professions Technical Institute

New Professions Technical Institute ha estado utilizando Diamond SIS por alrededor de 10 años y puedo decir en nombre de todo el equipo que estamos muy satisfechos. Diamond SIS nos permite acceder a toda la data de una manera organizada, imprimir reportes y llevar todos los procesos y departamentos del instituto con efectividad y eficiencia.
En este momento estamos usando Diamond Cloud WorkSpace lo que nos permite acceder al sistema desde cualquier lugar siendo esto un plus en estos tiempos tan difíciles que estamos viviendo a nivel mundial con el COVID-19.
Estamos deseando ver que nos trae el próximo año con “El Nuevo Diamond (Diamond 3.0)” y confiamos que nos ayude a ser incluso más eficientes y productivos y a integrar algunos de los procesos que ahora usamos fuera del SIS, sobre todo para el proceso preadmisión.
Gracias por tantos años de excelente servicio al cliente, por ayudarnos durante la pandemia a la transición al Cloud, y sobre todo por ser parte fundamental de NPTI.

Who we are

Diamond was founded over 20 years ago when two entrepreneurs worked together to build an affordable software system that would manage student information for Career colleges. Fast forward 20 years, after hundreds of updates and version updates, Diamond still has its first customer and enjoys long term relationships with many of its customers. Diamond 2022 stands on the shoulders of these entrepreneur’s work.

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Many of our associates, the people who run Diamond day-to-day, the people who write the Diamond software, answer support tickets, training and sales, held positions at colleges in the financial aid and registrar departments, admissions and compliance positions. We have decades of practical experience, that when blended with your experience and needs, results in excellent software to assist you with your job. Diamond 2022 represents a uniquely capable software platform to successfully run your college.